How hiring managers can sell their company brand/culture to attract talent in an already crowded hiring space


Posting a job on job boards is a given.  You need to hire so post the role on LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. to get the word out that you're hiring.  But do you want to do something differently to standout?

Competition is for losers - Peter Thiel

If you've read Peter Thiel's book "Zero to One" he mentions this concept a lot both from an entrepreneurial perspective and also from a career perspective.  I like to take his thinking and apply to various other things.  In this case, I'm taking the concept and applying it towards hiring talent.

Try pitching your company via a video you put on instagram or YouTube.  Here's the format you can follow in a 30 second video.  Don't make it overly complicated or fancy if you don't have to.

  1. Promise - Say something like "Today i’m going to tell you about my company and the opportunity to work in something dynamic and exciting and at the end of the video you will be so excited to be a part of our growth."
  2. Picture - Paint the picture of the future vision of the company and the opportunity to get in to something that is either new, exciting, game changing, etc.
  3. Proof - Have testimonial from employees sharing their experience joining and working there - Ex. new employees who have joined, etc.
  4. Pitch - One call to action - one thing you want them to do - Ex. If you like what the company is about, reach out to via LinkedIn, email, etc. and let's chat!

If you want to attract the right type of talent and go after the right type of candidates and standout from the crowd, give this a try!

Stephen BehComment