My job search experience so far...


Who can relate?

I left the comfort of my big corporate bank job in June 2016, took a severance package and decided I wanted to travel for a bit.  I can't remember the last real vacation I had that didn't consist of me flying home to Vancouver from Toronto, to visit my family and friends.  For 8 months, I had the time of my life visiting cities in the US, Europe and Asia.  It was about Feb 2017 onwards that I thought I might want to reenter the workforce and get a job.  I wanted to share my job search experiences that eventually led me down the path to trying to fix the process through Naudix.

The various stages so far...

#1 - Your Resume - Update your resume, realize your formatting is way too old, search for another template on google and spend hours trying to recreate it.

#2 - Job Boards - Join LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc.  because everyone else is doing it as well.  Get spammed with daily job postings that you don't want to apply to.

#3 - Throwing Away Money - You realize you still don't like your resume so you pay a service to revamp it and they say it will increase the number of interested hiring managers.  Pay for LinkedIn Premium ($30/month) and realize there's no difference from the free version.

#4 - Endless Online Job Applications - Spend time to create cover letters and apply to roles via the job boards.  Wait 4 weeks to maybe get a response but most of the time when you do get something back you don't even recall applying for it because its been so long.

#5 - Interviews - You manage to get one or two interviews where you know your experience would be a great fit.  You think you do well during the interview but you're rejected because "you're not the right fit".  You think wtf does that mean?  I'm trying to join a tech startup and the guy interviewing you worked for a hotel before.  #smh

#6 - Your Resume (again) - Redo your resume again as the original one hasn't been working.  Pay for another service to help you accomplish this.

But here is where my story ends different as I have been lucky enough to find my purpose.  These pains that I have experienced has fuelled my desire to change the entire hiring process.  

At Naudix, we have a team of 9 working very hard towards reimagining hiring in order to help you find the job you'll love.  Visit to join our beta test group today!

Stephen Beh